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    Presidents Message May 2018

    Each year we elect new qualified individuals to serve their chapter in the capacity of being members of the Board of Directors. Nominations are made by a select group from the ranks of the entire chapter, with special emphasis to those members who have or are currently serving on committees.  Many of our nominees serve on multiple committees, yet a nomination may not depend upon committee service at all. As I am sure you are aware, our nominees run unopposed. Each nominee is vetted to assure their commitment to their term of service.

    Ballots were distributed last fall to all members. The results were mailed back in and counted. 73 of you returned your ballots and thank you for your participation, but that leaves somewhere in the neighborhood 200 members without response! I believe knowing your officers and their biographies is important. What can we do to improve participation? Please reach out to me with your ideas. Perhaps electronic balloting would be an improvement? Let me know your thoughts at .

    With all of that said, it is with great pleasure to announce the newly elected officers:

    Office of President-Elect: James Bergevin (Presidential term FY 2019-2020)

    Office of Vice President: Andy Marolt

    Office of Vice President: Sandy McWilliams

    Office of Secretary: Tohnya Adams

    This is a committed group of “new” comers, devoted to leading our chapter and enhancing the value of your membership. Reach out to them and share your ideas and concerns!

    Last and certainly not least, a special thanks to Audrey Brucker, as she has prepared the ballots and run the election process for many years. She has announced her retirement from this duty. We wish her all the best and hope to see her around from time to time at events. THANKS AUDREY!!

    We have a great finish planned for the end of year. If you haven’t signed up for the Awards Banquet yet, do it now! It’s going to be a truly fun event on May 15th at the Wabasha Caves in St. Paul. Sign up, as usual, is on the chapter website, easy-peasy! See you there!

    May 31st is our Annual CSI Golf Outing at Bunker Hills. Get your foursome together, sign up, and while you’re at it, Sign up for a sponsorship! It’s a great way to support your chapter and provide visibility for your organization! All you need to know is on your chapter website!

    Have a wonderful Spring and we’ll see you all at the events!

    At your service,

    Andy Garner, CSI, CDT

    Chapter President